Who is Knight SP?

Kinght Strategic Partners (Knight SP), is a international company, located in Dubai and producing ads and advertisements that fit its customer’s needs and visions with research and development studies and have agencies in many European countries. Knight SP as an independent company has no connection with state institutions and organizations.


Knight SP uses its many years of experience to create useful web sites that aim high ratings in the period of information revolution that we live in. While Knight SP presents professional solutions by providing useful information that is obtained from internet, it is also creates ads opportunities for the related companies and establish an online environment that these companies can take ads.

About Our Contents

The accuracy of the information that Knight SP provides, is arranged and categorized according to the information obtained from official web sites, official sources, blogs, forums and social media shares that are experienced and resulted with true conclusions considering the users’ needs and thus the users can easily understand the content of the subjects. Our aim is to present easily accessible and categorized information based on official sources for the users and followers in the internet environment. The comments in forums and social media are confirmed with the sharing of personal experiences. For this reason we kindly request that you can share the updates and the missing points of the web sites that we published by filling the contact form in our web site. Accuracy of the new updates are confirmed and updated in 2 workdays.

The firms that give our web sites

Organization and tour operators in service industry, hotels, language schools, translation companies, foreign education consulting firms, visa consulting firms and agencies and international law bureaus.

The criteria for the companies giving ad

Knight SP works with the companies giving ads are the firms that are in accordance with corporate approach, professional attitude, service oriented considers ethical values in the ads and also focused on in accordance with the country’s rules of law. Knight SP works with the companies having 3 years’ experience, creating an additional value for the content of web site that it gives ad and are mindful for the self-control mechanism of the ads.

Knight SP’s Ad Requirements

- You can give ad in English, Russian or Arabic
- Fill personal information in contact form
- Write the web site that you want to give ad
- The questions and requests about the web site
- The info about your profession, sector or the industry
- Trade registry gazette or the official document including business area (you can send these by mail)

Knight SP aims to expand its service area with staff that is specialized in strategic research and development applications. As Knight SP plays an important role in the process of configuration and execution of the ad projects, it provides remarkable contribution for its customers’ trade missions.

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